Wednesday, November 9, 2011


*Marriage isn’t about finding the right person, it’s about being the right person.

10 C’s

-Christ-centered: keep Jesus on the throne of your life!!!

-Cry out to God! Pray for your future spouse! And when you’re married, it is of paramount importance to pray together!!!

-Cultivate intimacy. The hard work of marriage is maintaining oneness. Fight for it and your relationship with the Lord!

-Communicate consistently. Talk a lot. Takes effort!

-Constantly evaluate. Where are we going? Is there anything we can change?

-Consider the other person ABOVE YOURSELF. You are happiest when you’re not pursuing your own happiness! (This is probably the hardest for me!)

-Conflict. See it as an opportunity for growth and intimacy. Restoration is key! Man should always be the initiator and pursuer, just as Christ is for us.

-Commit to learn. Study one another. Know everything there is to know. Ask people with awesome marriages about it!

-Counseling. Get great pre-marital counseling. Very important. Don’t be afraid to get help after you’re married.

-Common purpose. Work together. God created woman to be man’s helper. Make sure your passions for the kingdom are similar!

*Marriage is more about your holiness than your happiness! God sanctifies us through it!

“Women, marry a humble, teachable man. You have things to teach him.”

“Husbands, you can have an amazing godly wife who loves the Lord and His word, but if you force her to be the spiritual leader of the house and you are passive, your family will struggle. That is one of the number one problems in families in our day.”

Sunday, October 23, 2011


It has been quite some time since I have actually taken time out to write a blog entry, but it's definitely time. Having the ability to look back over numerous entries I've written over the past few years has truly allowed me to see how faithful God has been in my life and how unworthy I am to call Him my Savior, my God, my Father!

I don't even know where to begin! My life has changed so much over these last few years. So much I am ashamed of. So much I am proud of. So much has happened.

I'll start with school. Being in my third year of college, the demands have definitely increased. I am expected to get 120 observation hours: 90 Special Ed hours of observation and 30 hours of general ed observations. Sounds easy right? Not so much. These observations aren't just sit and observe. I'm involved. I am actually teaching and preparing lessons. It's like I'm student teaching, but not as demanding. It's a lot more difficult then you would think. Especially for me and my ADHD. Simple tasks take me so much longer. I'm not complaining because I am so grateful for the opportunities and especially grateful for all the praise I get in my teaching, but it definitely wears me out.

Work Update:
I'm currently unemployed. I had to quit the YMCA this semester because school became way too demanding. This was one of the hardest decisions I had to make. Anyone who knows me, knows that those kids were my life. I loved them all and it was the hardest thing to leave them while they were giving me huge hugs and cards of goodbyes as I walked out the door.
I do however babysit two days a week for my old high school choir teacher. This is definitely a high light of my week and I love babysitting her! :) I always tell people I'm more like a nanny than a babysitter with how much I do haha
I also started coaching cheerleading again. After cheering for 10 years and coaching for 1, I was easily sucked back in. I'll admit, I miss cheering. I don't miss the ungrateful attitude it gave me, but I miss the interaction, exercise, and the competitiveness of the sport. I definitely love the coaching atmosphere and my girls and one boy are awesome, but I would still love if I was still cheering. I still struggle with wondering how different my life would have been if I never quit and continued on with my dream of cheering at UK.

An update on my "dating" life:
I was in a relationship with someone off and on for four years. Everyone who has been involved in my life knows the situation and I'm not going to go into detail. After the relationship ended, I beat myself up over it for the longest time. I was left feeling ashamed of how I treated the man who gave me his whole heart and I only gave him a piece of mine. I no longer felt that I deserved to be loved by someone again. After feeling ashamed, I went into the anger stage. I began to analyze our relationship and convinced myself that he deserved to be treated the way I treated him. This man wasn't worthy of my love. One day, God slammed me in the face and I realized just how ungrateful of a person I had become. I began to refocus my life on Christ and was not willing to let just anyone win such a precious gift in God's eyes. After several months, God sent me a very special person. Through a mutual friend, a seed had been planted about a guy from Campbellsville who played ball who would be a "perfect match for me" or so I hear. After many months of persuasion, I was eager to meet this "great" guy. From the first moment I heard his voice, I knew. This was a very special guy indeed. I've written letters to my unknown future husband for a number of years now and I recall the night after I got off the phone with him. I wrote my future husband a letter that said: "I found you! I finally found you!"

I will be with Shane for a year this December and I have to admit that I am truly humbled by that fact. I typically have a very hard time staying attracted or even simply interested in a guy for over two months. So a year to me is amazing! Shane and I have definitely had many struggles and battles we have had to fight, but through the encouragement of each other we have placed Christ at the center of our relationship. We no longer seek to satisfy each other and we continue to grow closer to God and each other because of that! Everyday I am amazed at what a precious gift God has given me through Shane. I honestly don't know what I've done to deserve such a precious man as him. I just have to continually remind myself that it isn't what I've done per say, but it's because God loves me and He knows the deepest desires of my heart and wants to give good gifts to His children. Sending me Shane, it was like God telling me that I am still worthy of love.

Update on my spirituality:
Shew...I don't even know where to begin. I have strayed so far, but the Lord has been so faithful to me. After NUMEROUS hours of just crying out to God to revive my heart and make me new, He has been faithful to answer my cries. The Lord has heard my prayers and has answered them according to His will. I knew it wasn't going to be a "snap of the fingers" kind of change or even instant, but it has been evident. I still struggle daily with wanting to please my selfish flesh and man in general, but God has allowed me to turn to him instead of given in. I'm not living my life to please myself or even to please my parents. I'm living my life to please my one and only God. I can not praise Him enough for the transformation, joy, and encouragement.

That's all the updates I'll give for now :) I have a lot of reading and studying I need to finish up before I get ready for bed.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sometimes I wish a certain someone would quit treating me like I'm 12...sorry I grew up 8 years ago, thanks!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Hung the Moon

I fell in love with this song the moment I heard it. If you haven't heard it, you should really listen to won't be disappointed! :)

"Hung the Moon" Ellie Holcomb (from Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors)

I like the way you hung the moon, uh huh.
Well I just like being close to you, uh huh.
When you're gone I feel so blue, uh huh.
Yeah, I like the way you hung the moon uh huh.

I like the way you know that dance, uh huh.
I like the way you hold my hand, uh huh.
Just spin me all across the floor, uh huh.
Yeah, I like the way you know that dance, uh huh.

Well I like the way you sing your songs, uh huh.
You've been singing to me all along, uh huh.
The way you loved me won my heart, uh huh.
Yeah, I like the way you sing your songs, uh huh.

I put on that white dress for you, uh huh.
I told the preacher man well yes i do, uh huh.
I'll stay and I'll grow gray with you, uh huh.
Yeah, I put on that white dress for you, uh huh.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Well.......not to much to blog about....a lot of things have changed dramatically in my life lately that I can't say that I'm "happy" with. It's really new bedside friend is a box of Kleenexes and a glass of water. Even when you see things coming and expect things to come crashing down doesn't make the pain hurt less....

Monday, May 31, 2010


Came across this song and felt that it fit my life perfectly right now...the NEXT conference I attended in Baltimore, Maryland this weekend made me realize how completely far off base I am. Within minutes of the worship service, God ripped my heart open and peeled my eyes back to Him. This song was the cry of my heart...

Rediscover You by Starfield

I need to just admit
my faith is paper thin
I'm feeling so burned out
On religion

I say an empty prayer
I sing a tired song
I need to just admit that the passion's gone

And I want to get it back

You told me
Look for You and I will find
So I'm here
Like I'm searching for the first time
Revive me, Jesus
Make this cold heart start to move
Help me rediscover You

I want to learn to pray
The way that David prayed
I want my soul to burn when I hear Your name
I want to feel like new
I want to hunger for you
Bring me back to life like only You can do
Cause I don't want to stay the same

You told me
Look for You and I will find
So I'm here
Like I'm searching for the first time
Revive me, Jesus
Make this cold heart start to move
Help me rediscover You

Lord, I want to be Yours today
I want to know the passion of the saints
And how they were changed

You told me
Look for You and I will find
So I'm here
Like I'm searching for the first time
Revive me, Jesus
Make this cold heart start to move

I want to burn for You
Bring me back to life, Jesus
Help me rediscover You

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


To say that my heart hurts is an understatement.
To say that everything is going to be alright is questionable.
To say that I know the Lord is in control is true, but hard to understand.

I am usually one to be very transparent (especially on this blog), but for this....I'm refraining. All that I'm asking from you is to simply pray for me. Please.